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Eric Schmidt ‘Sonning People Left and Right’ at AllThingsD Conference

Don't mess with Mr. Schmidt.
R u kidding me? (Photo: Livemint)

R u kidding me? (Photo: Livemint)

Google chairman Eric Schmidt spoke this morning at AllThingsD’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference, touching on how much he loves Facebook Home and why Google’s new gadgets will blow you away. But that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and Lisa Frank-style unicorns coming from the North Korean delegate.

When Business Insider reporter Steve Kovach asked Mr. Schmidt what would stop Google from removing Facebook Home from the Play store should it become immensely popular, Mr. Schmidt “didn’t seem happy with the question’s premise but responded tersely,” according to VentureBeat. “It would be counter to our public statements, our religion,” he replied. “The answer is ‘no.’ We would not remove Facebook Home.”

Fellow reporters immediately noticed Mr. Schmidt’s sassy ‘tude. “eric schmidt is sonning people left and right at this ATD conf,” observered Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle. ABC News tech editor Joanna Stern confirmed the diss. “Eric Schmidt getting a little testy with @stevekovach,” she tweeted.

For his part, Mr. Kovach took the smackdown rather hard:

Stay strong, Steve-O.

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