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Durex Launches ‘Fundawear,’ Sexy Underwear Equipped with Smartphone-Controlled Vibration

Who needs a sex robot when you can basically become one?
(Screencap: YouTube)

(Screencap: YouTube)

If sending sexy Snapchats and getting naked on Skype isn’t your thing, Durex may have a new product to add to your sexual wheelhouse. The condom company announced its first foray into wearable tech today with “Fundawear,” a line of lingerie designed especially for long distance lovers. Durex claims it’s the first product that allows “touch to be transferred over the Internet.”

There are designs for both ladies and dudes, including a bra and panties set and a pair of boxer briefs. Using a smartphone app, users can remotely control how, where and when vibrations occur in their partners’ Fundawear.

Any enterprising Betabeat readers looking to get in on the testing stage can head to Durex Australia’s Facebook page.

Suddenly good ol’ fashioned cybering seems so passé.

(Video slightly NSFW.)

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