Don’t Worry Guys, Jack Dorsey’s Parents Aren’t Verified Either

Jack, your parents miss you.
Mr. Dorsey the senior (Photo: Twitter)

Mr. Dorsey the senior (Photo: Twitter)

It’s almost as if you have to get a job at BuzzFeed or start a viral Tumblr to be verified on Twitter these days.

That’s bad news for Marcia and Tim Dorsey, the parents of Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey. With your famous model-dating son out of the house, how do you spend your time? By attempting to get the company he founded to verify your Twitter accounts, of course.

@Tim535353 and @marciadorsey have launched a campaign to have their Twitter handles verified. Even the mayor of St. Louis is vouching for them!

Jack, please call your parents. They just want to love you.

And be verified.

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