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Computer Glitch Sends Entire School to Detention

Ugh mom, it was the computer's fault, I swear!
(Photo: Fanpop)

(Photo: Fanpop)

If The Breakfast Club taught us anything, it’s that anyone–even the popular girl and the nerd!–can land in detention. It’s highly unlikely, however, that an entire school would be sent to detention simultaneously, no matter how Mean Girls they get.

But that’s exactly what happened at a secondary school in Nelson, New Zealand, when a computer glitch accidentally sent out text messages to the parents of almost every student notifying them that their child had to report to detention.

“[Student name] has an after school attendance detention on Thurs 11 April 2013. Contact year tutor for further information,” read the message. It’s unclear exactly what caused the computer glitch, but we like to think a kid who actually had detention hacked the system to get out of it.

“We have 1500 students who theoretically are on detention but in actual fact very few of them are,” the school’s principal clarified. No word on whether or not the kids who are actually serving detention will mess with the bull and get the horns.

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