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Columbia English Majors, Ashton Kutcher Wants YOU for His New ‘Consumer-Oriented’ Startup

It's your time to shine!
(Photo: Venture Village)

(Photo: Venture Village)

Who says majoring in English is worthless? A leaked job listing from a Columbia English major listserv obtained by Salon proves that even professional wordsmiths can delve into the star-studded startup world. You could toil away at a publishing company for $25,000 a year, or you could work at the hot new startup from self-described brainiac and actor/investor Ashton Kutcher.

“Ashton Kutcher is looking for a writer to join a small team of designers and engineers who are cofounding a consumer-oriented technology company,” reads the job listing. “Your writing will be a centerpiece of the company?s [sic] product and will reach millions of people.” Please tell us this isn’t another daily deals company seeking to corner the market with quirky copy.

Of course, in order to take the job you have to uproot yourself and move to L.A. The ever-knowledgable Mr. Kutcher isn’t suggesting Columbia English majors leave the Ivy League to join his new venture, is he?

You can read the full ad over at Salon.

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