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Tumblr’s David Karp Apparently Doesn’t Consider Profitability a Particularly Important Metric

What’s the rush you guys?
Man with the plan? (Photo: Twitter/SuccessMag)

Man with the plan? (Photo: Twitter/SuccessMag)

When you’re as stylish as Tumblr CEO David Karp, who needs to sweat the small stuff? Case in point: his company’s profitability. During an interview at a conference hosted by paidContent, he informed the audience that Tumblr isn’t making money—but it’s “not a metric that is particularly important to us.”

But don’t panic, investors: Mr. Karp added that the company will “absolutely” become profitable, eventually. At some point.

Keeping fugly ads off his pretty, pretty platform is still a top priority for Mr. Karp, though. He took yet another shot at Google’s AdSense model, claiming that it “poisoned” the blogosphere. He’d prefer to run “Mad Men quality ads” instead of chasing “little blue links” for chump change.

Mr. Karp also outlined the value proposition for “creators” to stick around and keep creating on the platform. He said that more than 70 book deals and three television deals have come out of blogs based on Tumblr, which is allowing content creators to “prove themselves” to larger media networks.

This being a media conference, there was, naturally, a question about Storyboard’s closure. Mr. Karp said “it wasn’t the right tool in our toolbox,” and the three firings were “not a knock on that team at all.” He said that part of Storyboard’s problem was that Tumblr was picking favorites: “We don’t want to say what great content is. We don’t want to say that these are our favorite blogs.”

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