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‘Can You Turn It Off??’ Sergey Brin’s Mother-in-Law Flips Out in Google’s Driverless Car

"Is it supposed to be doing that???"
Ms. Wojcicki (Photo: Flickr)

Ms. Wojcicki (Photo: Flickr)

Back in 2011, Google introduced the world to driverless cars through a launch party at the TED conference. Esther Wojcicki, the mother of 23 and Me founder Anne Wojcicki and mother-in-law to Google cofounder Sergey Brin, was in attendance. Though being an in-law to a pair of tech geniuses undoubtedly has its quirks, Esther was rather unprepared for her first wild (driverless) ride.

In a video, dug up by Wired, Ms. Wojcicki sits in the passenger’s seat of a driverless car while a Google engineer demonstrates it. A young woman in the backseat films as the car begins to navigate around cones. “It’s going really fast!” exclaims Ms. Wojcicki. “Can you turn it off? Is it supposed to be doing that?”

To be fair, this is totally how we would act during our first driverless car experience. That shit looks freaky.

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