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Bang With Friends Reportedly Raising Seed Round So You Can Have More Casual Sex

A triumph for all.
(Photo: Imgur)

(Photo: Imgur)

Bang With Friends, the popular app that helps facilitate one-night stands with your Facebook friends, is reportedly raising a ~$1 million seed round, according to Business Insider. The app was a hit at SXSW, where Betabeat cornered its anonymous blonde cofounder and forced him to eat grilled cheese with us.

Bangs With Friends collects photos of your Facebook friends into an easily browsable stream. When you see one you’d totally do, you hit “Down to Bang.” If the person reciprocates your feelings, you’ll get a notification that they’re also down to bang–no flirting or drink buying required. Last month, when we spoke with the BWF cofounder, he said 750,000 users have hit the “down to bang” button 16 million times.

That number is expected to grow–Business Insider says it’s already ballooned to 820,000 users–which explains why investors are reportedly clamoring to fund the sex app. Business Insider reports that Tim Draper and Great Oaks Venture Capital have already invested, and the company is looking to take on more investors to reach its ~$1 million goal.

Of course, BWF isn’t exactly the next Google: other investor sources also told Business Insider that the round is “curious” and “kinda stupid.” We assume they just have a poor “Bangability” quotient.

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