Apple in Your Eye

All It Takes to Have Coffee with Tim Cook Is the U.S.’s Median Household Income

Easy peasy.
(Photo: CharityBuzz)

(Photo: CharityBuzz)

Look, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a busy guy. He does lots of important stuff, like announcing that there will be announcements in the future. His time is worth a lot. So CharityBuzz, an online charity auction, is hosting a very generous offer from Mr. Cook: people–rich people, specifically–can bid to have coffee with him at Apple headquarters. The “estimated value” of this presumably hour-long (tops!) outing? $50,000, which is just $2,762 dollars shy of the U.S.’s median household income.

So: pay for a year of your kid’s college tuition, or grab a cup of joe with a guy who will pointedly ask you, “So, am I doing as well as Steve? You can be honest.”

To be fair, it is for charity. So if you can afford it, pony up! There are already 30 bids, the most recent one topping out at $62,777.

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