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Your Xbox Live History Could Keep You From Being Deported

Best excuse to keep playing video games ever.
(Photo: Xbox live addicts)

(Photo: Xbox live addicts)

Who says playing video games is nothing but a timesuck? The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports that Jose Muñoz, an undocumented immigrant who’s been living in the U.S. since age 1, used his extensive Xbox history to stay in the country. Take that, Mom!

Mr. Muñoz graduated from high school in 2005, but because his family visa had long since expired, he couldn’t safely attend college or apply for a job without fear of being deported. Instead, he began to help around the house, and much like every other college-aged kid, spent a lot of time playing games on Xbox Live.

When President Obama announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Mr. Muñoz finally had a chance to remain in the country while working or attending school. The problem was that because Mr. Muñoz had lived under the radar since his graduation in 2005, he didn’t have documents like paystubs or college transcripts to prove that he had lived in the U.S. consistently since then.

Luckily his attorney came up with a genius idea: using his Xbox Live account history to prove Mr. Muñoz’s residency. And the idea worked–Mr. Muñoz can stay in the country for another two years, after which he can apply for deferment again. Plus, he’ll never have to justify staying up late playing Bioshock ever again.

As for immigration reform: Zuck’s on the case, don’t you worry.

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