Going Viral

Your Newest Terrifying Internet Trend: ‘The Knife Song’

This should end well.
(Screencap: YouTube)

(Screencap: YouTube)

You know that cup game that Anna Kendrick popularized? The newest viral video crazze is kind of like that, except it involves knives. Thanks for that, Internet.

A 16-year-old Norwegian girl named Hanna Fylling Ellingseter posted a video of her singing a song about trying not to cut off her fingers while stabbing a knife in the tiny spaces between her fingers. Though the song actually dates back to a 2011 YouTube video (and the game has been around forever), a Redditor posted Ms. Ellingseter’s video  and mockingly dubbed it the newest Internet trend. Then, of course, Redditors couldn’t help but try it themselves, with varying results.

Somehow we don’t think this is the future Internet pioneers envisioned for us.

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