We’re Sorry to Report That People Are Now Buying ‘Vine Art’ for Hundreds of Dollars

The piece is called "Tits on Tits on Ikea," by Angela Washko.
Tits on Tits on Ikea. (Screencap: Vine)

Tits on Tits on Ikea. (Screencap: Vine)

First came the Vine resume; then the Vine press release, of which Betabeat did not approve. Now, it seems, Vine art has become a thing–a thing that people are willing to drop double Benjamins on. We are so, so sorry.

The Guardian brings us news of the Moving Image art fair, at which several pieces of “Vine art”–six second artistic video clips uploaded to the Twitter-owned video property–were displayed. One piece, called “Tits on Tits on Ikea,” which showed a woman holding up a laptop to her boobs with a picture of two pink balloons on it, while sitting on an Ikea couch, was quite a hit. So much so that a Dutch art advisor named Myriam Vanneschi purchased it for $200.

It’s unclear what exactly buying a Vine will get you; The Guardian says Ms. Vanneschi may upload it to her own social media accounts or personal website, but couldn’t you just embed the tweet? (This is the part where we fully admit we don’t really “get” art.)

We suppose owning the file has its own novelty, though as poor bloggers, we can’t imagine shelling out so much rent money for a looping six second video clip.

Welcome to the future, everyone. Aren’t you so happy to be here?

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