Crowd Power

Wal-Mart’s Foolproof New Way to Beat Amazon Prime Is to Just Have You Deliver Stuff for It

(Photo: Daily Finance)

(Photo: Daily Finance)

Between Amazon Prime, Google Shopping Express and eBay Now, the next-day delivery wars are heating up, leading big box store Wal-Mart to unleash a chorus of “me too’s!” But in order to become a legitimate competitor, Wal-Mart has to devise a creative scheme to make it stand out. That scheme? Just having its customers do the deliveries and calling it “crowd sourcing.”

According to Reuters, Wal-Mart is considering a plan that would have customers deliver packages to its online buyers. Customers could sign up to deliver packages that are on their route home, and then Wal-Mart would provide a discount on their shopping bill that could cover the cost of gas. Seems kind of like a raw deal–you get some free Wal-Mart junk in exchange for doing this really big favor for us–but Wal-Mart’s executives seem to be pretty into it, saying it could begin one or two years down the road.

Of course, there are a host of legal boundaries, as well as the fact that online buyers probably wouldn’t be comfortable with having a random stranger not affiliated with a real delivery company like FedEx handle their packages.

So, have we reached Peak Crowdsourcing yet?

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