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Tweens No Longer Capable of Smiling Normally Laments Mother Alarmed By Pouty Selfies

(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram)

The Daily Mail’s latest troll is a veritable master stroke. British writer Shona Sibary, a true international treasure who has previously written about smacking her kids and admitted that she’d rather play Boggle than have sex with her husband, now tackles modern day culture’s most insidious trend: the duckface selfie.

Anti-duckface movements have long existed (does no one remember Mary-kate and Ashley? Or MySpace?), but Ms. Sibary claims that with the proliferation of selfies–and perhaps the fact that apps like Instagram make them more socially acceptable–teenager girls everywhere are indulging in the narcissistic ritual of pouting for the cam.

“It’s as though a whole generation of teenage girls has lost the ability to smile naturally,” Ms. Sibary writes, claiming that her computer is full of PhotoBooth pictures of her teenaged daughters pouting, trying to copy their favorite celebrities. There’s the pout, the head-tilt, the vacant stare: look no further than Kim Kardashian’s Instagram for a plethora of examples.

But like American Eagle, jelly bracelets and an affinity for boy bands, one has to believe that tweens will also grow out of their selfie phase, or at least graduate on to other narcissistic pursuits–like writing endless articles for the Daily Mail about themselves, perhaps.

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