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Student Slashed in Face at Rikers Sues Corrections Officer for Facebooking Pic

"Smhh," indeed.

A 20-year-old student named Chad Seegars was visiting someone at Riker’s Island when he was grabbed from behind by a stranger and slashed in the face. The gash, which his mother said split his face “open like a pear,” required 90 stitches. But to add insult to injury, a corrections office on duty at the time took a photo of the man’s wound and put it on his Facebook profile, according to a suit filed yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The riveting prose accompanying the gory photo? “The Things Tht Happens On the Island Smhh.” #valueadded

(Photo: Facebook/NYDN)

(Photo: Facebook/NYDN)

Now, Mr. Seegars has filed a lawsuit against the city, the Department of Corrections and the offending officer, claiming that putting the picture on Facebook caused distress and humiliation.

Lawsuits: for when detagging just isn’t enough.

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