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Student Hacks College Wifi Network and Redirects All Traffic to Meatspin.com

Not bad.
This is the best pic. (Photo: Indian Colleges)

This is the best pic. (Photo: Indian Colleges)

If you’re a computer-savvy college student, one way to illustrate that your university wifi network is terribly insecure is to write letters to the dean expressing your concerns. Another way is to simply hack the network and have all traffic redirect to gay porn.

The News Herald reports that a 26-year-old student attending Florida State University Panama City is now facing felony charges after hacking into the school’s wifi network and sending everyone who accessed it to notorious shock site Meatspin.com. The student, Benjamin Blouin, wanted to make a point about the dangers of having an open wifi network. Now that he subjected scores of students and faculty to the horror of Meatspin, the university has decided to require students to login in order to use the network.

Mr. Blouin was quite satisfied with this outcome, despite the fact that he’s facing jail time. ““That’s how it should be,” he told The News Herald. “That’s how it is on every campus.”

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