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Space Sex Could Kill Us

So sorry Richard Branson.
(Photo: Smosh)

(Photo: Smosh)

Bad news for everyone who’s been dreaming about intergalactic intercourse since those heady tween years: a new study found that sex in space could actually present some rather life-threatening illnesses.

Studies on plant cells showed that processes involved in reproduction are impacted by zero-gravity conditions like those experienced in space. Scientists said this could have major implications for humans hoping to make space babies. “Our findings offer new insight into how life evolved on Earth and are significant with regards to human health, as a traffic jam on these highways that also exist in human cells can cause cancer and illnesses such as Alzheimer’s,” a Montreal University professor told theĀ Daily Mail.

These findings could have an impact on the space tourism industry, which is ramping up to send private citizens into space as early as next year. Though to be fair, there are plenty of risks associated with earthly sex, so we doubt any humans–or plants!–who want to have space sex will be deterred by a couple of tsk-tsking scientific studies.

Still, we bet somewhere on his private island Richard Branson is weeping over the dangers of joining the “220-mile high club.”

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