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Famous People like Soulja Boy, Brandy and Neil Patrick Harris Already Forming Google Glass Clique

U jelly?
Not how you will look in Glass. (Photo:

Not how you will look in Glass. (Photo:

Though Google Glass makes even models look vaguely dorky, a host of celebs are lining up to try them out. Stanford computer science doctoral student Andrej Karpathy analyzed the winners of the #ifihadglass contest and pulled them into a neat little table organized by follower count. The result makes it super easy to see which celebrities were chosen as part of the lucky 8,000 winners of a Glass explorers kit.

The hip hop/R&B crowd is well-represented by Soulja Boy, he of recent hack fame, and beloved “Boy Is Mine” singer BrandyNeil Patrick Harris also made the cut, as did driverless car enthusiast Newt Gingrich. Wonder what he thinks about wearing Glass and driving?

Your favorite bars are about to get a lot more cyborg-friendly: Local NYC tech celebs cleaned up too, including Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley, Foodspotting co-founder Soraya Dorabi and Reuters social media editor Anthony de Rosa.

So are these celebs die-hard Glass fans, or are they just plain lucky? New York Mag writes that an outside firm was responsible for picking the winners, and may have used a random number generator (so not Google-y!) to pick the winners. That explains why someone who tweeted “#ifihadGlass, I’d throw it at your face ._.” ended up getting picked–and why Google started rescinding offers almost as soon as it doled them out.

Don’t worry, Soulja Boy! We’re sure you’ll get to keep your pair, even if it doesn’t run Windows.

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