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Ford Wants to Be a Startup Too, Tries to Zipcar Its Dealerships

If you can't sell 'em, share 'em!
(Photo: flickr.com/dok1)

Let’s all take one of these for a spin. (Photo: flickr.com/dok1)

It can’t be fun running a car company. A century ago automobiles were the hottest thing since the railroad, but nowadays you’re considered a hopeless dinosaur loser–unless you’re Elon Musk, in which case you get to blunder around starting beef with the New York Times.

Maybe that explains why Ford, your granddad’s go-to pickup truck brand since 1948, is launching a car-sharing program. PC Mag reports that the company is launching Ford2Go, which’ll allow drivers to rent cars from dealerships via an online booking system. It’ll launch in Germany in late 2013.

Sometimes that test-drive with the salesman in the passenger seat just isn’t enough to make a decision, you know?

According to PC Mag:

“Ford understands that for some of our customers, car sharing is an attractive option,” Ford of Germany chairman Bernhard Mattes said in a statement. “As a company, we are committed to a collaborative and integrated approach to future mobility, and the Ford2Go service is another significant step in exploring exactly how that future could look.”

Of course, Ford is far from the only car company trying to import some mojo from Startupland in the age of connected devices. Besides running its own New York City-based VC firm, Ford’s sister company BMW already offers a similar program in San Francisco, with luxury electric cars. General Motors allows OnStar subscribers to rent out their cars via RelayRides. Don’t even get us started on the advent of automobile-focused apps. Kids today and their Spotify playlists.

You know what this means, right? New car smell forever.

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