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Russell Crowe Thinks He Saw a UFO, Uploads Video to YouTube Like Every Other Wacko

Lens flare or alien?
(Screencap: YouTube)

(Screencap: YouTube)

Stars, they’re just like us! When they catch a weird anomaly on camera, they immediately upload it to YouTube and claim they saw a UFO.

The Telegraph reports that Australian actor Russell Crowe had set up a camera to capture fruit bats outside of his office in Woolloomooloo (try saying that three times fast), a suburb of Sydney. The video is actually three time-lapse photos stitched together, unedited. But instead of catching the bats, he recorded a red rectangle streaking across the sky. The only possible explanation? Not a camera glitch or light reflection. It was obviously an alien.

Mr. Crowe truly seems to believe he captured a UFO. “Can’t be a lense flare because it moves , camera is fixed,” he tweeted. Our working theory is that it’s a piece of viral marketing for the upcoming Superman remake, Man of Steel, in which Mr. Crowe has a major role. Or he was tweeting while tripping. Either/or.

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