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Robbers Can’t Be Choosers: Teens Decline to Steal Man’s Phone Because It Wasn’t a Smartphone

Kids these days.
(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

One foolproof way to avoid getting your phone jacked by a roving band of hoodlum teenagers? Have a really shitty phone. reports that a group of teen robbers approached a man in a Sydney park and demanded he hand over his cell phone. When they saw that it wasn’t a smartphone, but more like one of those flip phones your Dad still carries around attached to his belt, the pretentious tweens were all screw that. They let him keep the damn thing.

Although the victim held on to his outdated device, the robbers reportedly stole his sunglasses and sent him to the hospital for injuries to his face. Ugh, youths.

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