Ballmer Time

Rival Techies From the South Challenge Steve Ballmer’s Plans to Own a Basketball Team

They're breaking Ballmer's balls, here.
Here is a GIF of this amazing moment.

We’re rooting for you, Steve-o.

Curses! Steve Ballmer and his fellow investors have almost closed a deal to bring NBA basketball back to Seattle, a city that’s been bereft since the Sonics were sold. The group has already cut a deal with the current owners of the Sacramento Kings to purchase a controlling interest in the team. The only hurdle left is securing the NBA’s approval.

That means the tech world is so, so close to an endless supply of court-side Ballmer GIFs. Just imagine! 

But now, it seems there’s a challenge from techies to the south. Geekwire reports that a coalition has formed to keep the team in California, and it includes two Silicon Valley types: Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs and TIBCO CEO Vivek Ranadive. Ron Burkle and 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov are also involved.

The two competing cabals meet with the NBA on April 3, where each will get a chance to present their case.

These guys know that Ballmer starts hurling chairs and shouting obscenities when he doesn’t get his way, right?

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