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PSA: If You’re Gonna Steal an iPad, Don’t Text the Owner ‘Thanks for the iPad’

Just some helpful advice.
(Photo: Mac Observer)

(Photo: Mac Observer)

There’s been a lot of news recently about Apple product thieves who are rather careless when it comes to their stealing tactics. If you’re going to steal an iPad, the first thing you want to do is probably disable iCloud, lest all your pictures get sent to the original owner. The second thing you want to do is to definitely not text the owner gloating about the fact that you stole their iPad.

 The Arizona Republic reports that after having a fight with his girlfriend, Jonathan Matthew Spriggs left her house with her iPad in tow, and texted her that they were breaking up. He also couldn’t help himself from bragging that he’d taken her iPad as relationship collateral: “Thanks for the iPad,” he texted. We can picture his smirk now.

Unfortunately for Mr. Spriggs, his girlfriend didn’t find his ‘tude very amusing, and reported her iPad stolen to the police. When the cops contacted him, he claimed he just took the iPad temporarily and was planning on returning it anyway.

SMH, folks. SMH.

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