Space the Final Frontier

Beautiful Homes Available on Mars (Some Assembly Required)

Bring your own freeze-dried ice cream.
Like this, but on Mars.

Like this, but on Mars.

Ready to leave this wasted planet behind and go build a shiny new libertarian society on Mars? Then you’ll love The Atlantic‘s Q&A with Eric Anderson, cofounder of the space tourism company Space Adventures and asteroid-mining startup Planetary Resources. Mr. Anderson is pretty sure that any time now, humanity is going to light out for the territories:

“In the next generation or two—say the next 30 to 60 years—there will be an irreversible human migration to a permanent space colony. Some people will tell you that this new colony will be on the moon, or an asteroid—in my opinion asteroids are a great place to go, but mostly for mining. I think the location is likely to be Mars. This Mars colony will start off with a few thousand people, and then it may grow over 100 years to a few million people, but it will be there permanently.”

No false modesty here, though: Part of the reason he thinks we can pull this off is the advent of his own company. He explained to The Atlantic that “near-Earth asteroids, which are very, very close to the Earth, are filled with resources that would be useful for people wanting to go to Mars, or anywhere else in the solar system.”

You’re welcome, basically, and can he sell you some cold, clean, only slightly metallic-tasting water for your trip?

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