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Peter Gabriel Wants to Create an Interspecies Internet So He Can Gchat With Animals

The original PG wants to take a sledgehammer to the human/animal divide. (Get it!?)
(Photo: TED Blog)

(Photo: TED Blog)

What does Genesis frontman and prog rock god Peter Gabriel see when he looks in your eyes? The light, the heat and also an interspecies Internet capable of allowing highly intelligent animals to communicate with humans. Naturally.

Mr. Gabriel spoke on stage at TED last week alongside cognitive psychologist Diana Reiss, MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld and Google Chief Internet Evangelist Vincent Cerf. After spending time gazing into the eyes of animals and composing a song with a bonobo, Mr. Gabriel decided to team up with the trio in order to spread the word about the need for an interspecies Internet.

“Perhaps the most amazing tool man has created is the Internet,” Mr. Gabriel said. “What would happen if we could somehow find new interfaces—visual, audio—to allow us to communicate with the remarkable beings we share the planet with?”

The group believes that animals can be incorporated into the Internet of things, allowing species like dolphins, apes and elephants to connect and communicate using the web. “These other sentient species should be part of the network too,” Mr. Cerf said.

We all probably should’ve seen this coming from Mr. Gabriel, who’s spent his career writing songs like “Animal Magic” and “Shock the Monkey.”

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