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PaintBot Lets You Fire a Paintball Gun Remotely With a Single Tweet

Shoot a paintball gun with a hashtag.
(Photo: iStrategyLabs)

(Photo: iStrategyLabs)

If you’ve ever wanted to fire a paintball gun but were too nervous because it looks scary and is really loud and what if the paint splatters on your clothes, we’ve got good news for you.

A Washington D.C.-based creative agency called iStrategyLabs has rigged a paintball gun to an Arduino, allowing it to respond to commands sent via the web. The team then created a hashtag, #ISLPaint, and programmed the PaintBot so that every time you include the hashtag with a tweet, it fires a paintball at the whiteboard.

As DVice points out, there’s no livestream of the stunt, so you can’t exactly watch your tweet trigger the PaintBot, but it’s a neat little trick. We’re hoping a livefeed will be incorporated in PaintBot 2.0.

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