In-N-Out Secrets

On Reddit AMA, In-N-Out Cook Reveals a Second Secret Menu

For chefs' mouths only.
Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

When it comes to fast food in America, no chain boasts a more rabid following than In-N-Out. And as this author can attest, In-N-Out is successful for a reason. For the uninitiated, the West Coast burger empire serves a simple menu, but is much more famous for its so-called “secret menu”.

Most regulars are in on the “secret”: 14 items, including animal style fries (fries doused in melted cheese, grilled onions, and In-N-Outs burger spread) and the protein burger (a regular burger wrapped in a head of lettuce instead of a bun). But an anonymous In-N-Out cook’s “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit reveals even more reasons to go pro-carb.

The cook, writing under the username dravilla9, revealed that in the hours after the store closes, he and other cooks often make their own original creations, including adding bacon. “Sweet Jesus it was the greatest thing I’ve ever had!” he noted.

Some of his other creations included animal style fries with ground beef and bacon, donuts (made by frying a bun doused in milkshake sauce), and a baked potato-meat hybrid from Hell (fried cored potato filled with chopped burger patties, melted cheese, onions, chiles and tomatoes). Unfortunately for customers, dravilla9 said these heart-stopping creations will probably never see the light of day, since In-N-Outs’ bylaws require the menu to stay the same, although he encouraged users to bring in their own bacon and added ingredients to try the creations.

But it’s not just for chefs. Dravilla9 claims In-N-Out serves these concoctions to employees at their annual company picnic. Outsiders, he feared, were not prepared for the tastebud onslaught. ”OMG if In-N-Out sold the chili dogs they give at the family picnics the world really wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Life as an In-N-Out employee isn’t all milkshakes and bacon, however. He also mentioned some of the strict rules of the company, which in now led by Lynsi Torres, the youngest female billionaire in the U.S. Employees were fired for having tattoos, tongue piercings, and for bringing beer to the company picnics, which probably has something to do with the founding Snyder families deep religious roots (they even print Bible verses in discreet places on the cups and wrappers).

As a cook, you would expect Dravilla9 to be making a near minimum wage salary, but he also revealed that In-N-Out workers earn very good compensation, with starting salaries at ten dollars an hour and managers earning up to six figures in salaries along with full benefits, making us question why we ever went to college when the answer to all our problems lied in burgers. But before you pull a Zuck and drop out, prepare for work hard. “You start at the bottom with a towel in your hand wiping down tables before you can even cook a burger,” dravilla9 said.

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