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New York Mets’ PR Director Is the ‘Barry Bonds of Buttdialing’

Accidentally calling people 24/7.
Mr. Horowitz (Photo: Twitter)

Mr. Horowitz (Photo: Twitter)

Jay Horowitz is best known for being the longtime public relations director for the New York Mets. But he has a secret hobby that until now only those closest to him knew about: buttdialing.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Horowitz has become the “Barry Bonds of Buttdialing,” making thousands of accidental calls over his tenure at the Mets. He’ll call players when they’re on the field; he’ll call coworkers at 4am. Even when players abscond to other MLB teams, Mr. Horowitz’s buttdialing follows them.

“I swear to God, I don’t know how I do it,” Mr. Horwitz told the Journal. “I’m not real mechanical.”

Mr. Horowitz carries around a BlackBerry with a screen he refuses to lock. Since he’s worked for the Mets since 1980, his phone book is full of high profile people in the MLB–a thousand, he estimates–and each could receive a call from Mr. Horowitz’s butt at anytime.

Quipped one player: “His butt’s got a mind of its own.”

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