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Jack Dorsey Tells 60 Minutes He’s Super Serious About Becoming Mayor of New York

"An unlikely role for a man who calls himself a loner and spends a lot of time dreaming and thinking."

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As far as technophiles seeking political office go, Jack Dorsey is taking the opposite approach from Sheryl Sandberg.

Ms. Sandberg’s new book may read like the source material for a campaign platform, but on a recent 60 Minutes appearance, she evaded questions about leaning in to the White House. Mr. Dorsey, on the other hand, is once again boldly pointing to his desired political office (Mayor of New York City), just not, you know, when he’s running or what exactly he’d do when he got here–besides marvel at our transportation system, of course.

Last night, the Twitter and Square cofounder also took the hot seat on 60 Minutes. Actually, the temperature was rather warm and welcoming. The CBS crew seemed smitten with the man “many people” call “the intellectual successor” to Steve Jobs and his shy, contemplative ways. Indeed, it was hard not to read a note of admiration as Lara Logan asked about his inability to communicate, as is befitting the new mode of deference to our nerd-boy-kings, who are somehow still able to snag model girlfriends and charm celebrities.

The segment was also bookended with mentions of Mr. Dorsey’s vague mayoral campaign. As Ms. Logan intoned:

“Square is still a startup, but we were surprised to learn that Jack Dorsey already has his eye on the next job he wants, Mayor of New York City–an unlikely role for a man who calls himself a loner and spends a lot of time dreaming and thinking.”

The daydream believer revisits that ambition as he and Ms. Logan are filmed riding around the subway. Here’s their exchange from the middle of the Times Square station:

Dorsey: What I love about New York is just the electricity I feel right away. Just look at us in this station, there’s just people walking everywhere–

Logan: Chaos.

Dorsey: It’s chaos. It’s kind of like being in a car in the middle of a thunderstorm. Everything is raging around you but you’re safe inside that car. So New York feels very much to me like that.

Yeah, “safe” isn’t the first word most New Yorkers would use to describe life in the city?

That segues into a photo of Mr. Dorsey and Mayor Bloomberg. “Jack Dorsey knows it helps to be a billionaire if you run for mayor in New York,” according to Ms. Logan’s voiceover. In fact, as David Kirkpatrick noted in 2011, Mr. Bloomberg explicitly advised Mr. Dorsey to “make a lot of money first.”

At that point, Ms. Logan swings it back his comfort level with face-to-face communication with voters. Mr. Dorsey looks down as he responds:

“I guess my natural state would be through mediation of letters or through text, all those mediums I definitely find ease with. But do I appreciate it as much as face to face communication? No. Do I feel like I’m an expert at having a normal conversation, face to face? Absolutely not. That’s just not my natural state. I would rather be walking in Land’s End [across from the Golden Gate bridge] and thinking about things.”

Sounds more like he’s running for successor to Steve Jobs than mayor.

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