YouTube Killed the Video Star

Googler Makes Rap About Google That’s Basically Just a Spoken List of Google Products

Okay, it's kiiiind of catchy.
(Screenshot: YouTube)

(Screenshot: YouTube)

This is another reminder that just because you are capable of creating a YouTube account does not mean that you should make a rap video.

New York-based Google employee Andrew Fink decided to write a rap creatively titled “Welcome to Google,” so he grabbed a couple of his co-workers, threw on some Google swag and danced around in the Google NY HQ with someone in a giant Droid costume. There was also an inflatable shark and a guy dressed as Popeye. Ya know, Google stuff. We’re not really hip hop experts, so maybe we should just leave it to Rap Genius to decode the song’s meaning.

In case you were wondering, YouTube commenters are already doing their thing. The top comment? “Yeah I really wish this guy worked for Bing. Leave the embarrassing (and terrible) videos to MSFT.”

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