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Google Picks 8,000 #ifihadglass Winners and None of Them are You

We didn't win one either.
Yeah, these look great. (Photo:

Yeah, these look great. (Photo:

Today Google announced 8,000 winners in its #ifihadglass essay contest. Apparently contestants with the willpower not to troll the hashtag were handsomely rewarded.

Google launched the contest last month, soliciting 50-word applications on how users would use their Internet-connected creepshot devices. Lucky winners were given the chance to shell out $1,500 to humblebrag about the future—or get called an asshole, depending on your perspective.

Google started selecting finalists last Tuesday. Gizmodo discovered six of them had much more noble plans than the rest of us. Sarah Hills (walking angel) wants to show vets them war memorials without having to travel. Shannon Rooney, another winner, said she’s going to take Glass to Japan to show her Japanese grandmother what the country looks like today. Then there’s zoo employee/bro Anthony Brown who said he plans to chill with penguins.

Winners will have travel to New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco to pick-up the cyborg swag, but the device will be available for public consumption later this year or by early 2014.

We’re just shocked our well-adjusted boss didn’t win.

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