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Getting a Netflix Tattoo Is a Great Way to Score a Free Year of Netflix and a Life Alone

"Netflix is a way of life."
(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

So you think you’re a big fan of Netflix just because you spend the majority of your weekend watching reruns of Arrested Development? Because you signed up way before that whole Qwikster debacle? Because the Netflix recommendation engine “gets” you better than your parents do? We admire your commitment, but it’s nothing compared to Twitter user @TheRealMyron, who got the Netflix logo inked permanently to his skin.

“Netflix is a way of life,” he wrote after tweeting a picture of his tattoo.

Netflix tweeted back with genuine surprise.

The free year is nice and all, but dude is going to have to have the Netflix logo affixed to his body for life. A free year probably doesn’t even cover the cost of the tattoo. Plus, how will he explain this to his partners? “Oh yeah, that thing–well it got me a free year of streaming once.” He should at least lobby for a lifetime subscription.

To his credit, @TheRealMyron is entirely satisfied with Netflix’s reaction to his ink.

It’s a movement.

(h/t Daily Dot)

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