For the Love of God, Don’t Get Between K-Pop Fans and Their Music

They'll probably chew your face off, just saying.


For a brief period on Sunday, several popular K-pop videos were blocked from international viewers. And, as Billboard reports, devoted fans reacted (as you’d expect) like a bunch of junkies arriving home to discover their stash stolen. In short, they freaked right the fuck out.

The affected videos were from artists represented by the agency Cube Entertainment, which distributes music in the U.S. through Universal Music Group. Fans went to watch their favorite videos and (according to the Daily Dot) received messages saying they’d been “restricted.” Cue hysterics on Tumblr and Twitter:

Universal Music Group felt compelled to update its Facebook page, in an attempt to placate the hordes: “Glitch at YouTube blocking videos. We’re doing all we can to get them back online,” adding #GiveUsKPop.

Fans suspected more sinister motives, suggesting it was an attempt to steer traffic toward Vevo or, even more alarmingly, some sort of protectionist move to keep K-pop Korean:

Reports from these fanbases said that Universal wanted to keep K-pop in Korea and was subsequently blocking videos in the U.S. and U.K. with other countries soon to follow.

But the videos are now back, and so K-pop fans can rest easy until the next crisis. (There’s always another crisis.)

(h/t The Daily Dot)

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