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For Just $105,000, the Virginity of This Brazilian Sex Doll Can Be Yours

What a deal.
(Photo: Sexonico)

(Photo: Sexonico)

Incapable of finding an actual human woman to touch your genitals? Eagerly awaiting the coming of longevity orgasms but have no one to practice with ever since your carpal tunnel diagnosis? Fear not: Brazil’s “first real doll” is here, and for a mere $105,000, you can take her virginity.

The Daily Dot reports that a Brazilian company named Sexônico is auctioning off the virginity of a “real doll” named Valentina. Sure, she’s hot in a plastic-looking, is-literally-incapable-of-doing-anything-but-laying-there sort of way, but $105,000 seems a little steep. Do Brazilians know they can purchase a sex doll from the web for thousands of dollars less and have sex with it, effectively taking its virginity? (No offense, Valentina.)

So far someone named “Raul Espindola” has placed a bid for $105,100. In addition to the real doll, he’ll get to spend a night in a Presidential suite in a São Paulo hotel, take Valentina to a romantic candle lit dinner and enjoy an “aromatic bath with rose petals.” Hopefully Valentina doesn’t melt in hot water.

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