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Finally an App to Disrupt Dumpster Diving: TrashSwag, Your Treasure Map to ‘Just Some Drawers’

NOW we're innovating.
(Photo: Trashswag)

(Photo: Trashswag)

Wondering where you might be able to find some greasy old bedsheets to hang as ironic curtains in your Williamsburg loft? Perhaps you want to fashion a termite-infested piece of wood into a “rustic” dinner table. You could pay thousands of dollars at a boutique furniture store, or you could use the handy new site Trashswag, which is being touted as the “Craigslist for dumpster divers.”

According to the Daily Dot, the Toronto-based sites relies on users to pinpoint places on a map where dumpster treasures can be found. There are “chairs and an old crib” on Palmerston Ave. and a toilet on Portland St. For those on a tight budget, or staunch anti-consumerists, the site really is a gold mine–or could be, once it gets more users. Plus, think of all the time you’d save not having to¬†assemble¬†the stuff Ikea-style.

Now go forth, freegans! Dumpster dive like no one is watching (except for maybe a couple of cockroaches).

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