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Eric Schmidt Takes His Tut-Tutting World Tour to India, Lecturing the Country About Open Internet

Guess Secretary of State Clinton was busy.

Lately corporate empty-nester Eric Schmidt has been on an impromptu world tour, beginning with his visit to North Korea and continuing this week with a trip to several Asian nations. (Good thing he’s got $6 million in walking-around money!)

A visit to Myanmar has been confirmed, but first he’s stopping off in India, which has a reputation for Internet censorship and spying. So Mr. Schmidt announced his arrival in the country with an op-ed in the Times of India, calling on the government to take a more cheerful outlook and set the Internet free:

“Now is the moment for India to decide what kind of internet it wants for them: an open internet that benefits all or a highly regulated one that inhibits innovation.

The past 10 years show that the safest economic, social and political bet is on openness. Where there is a free and open Web, where there is unbridled technological progress, where information can be disseminated and consumed freely, society flourishes.”

He added, that the “most striking Indian internet innovations” will come from “Indians solving local problems,” rattling off examples like the health site mDhil and the transportation company Redbus.

Whatever, Eric–we just hope you brought Sophie. We want someone who’ll really dish.

(h/t The Next Web)

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