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Enjoy Your Diseases From These Touchscreen Subway Maps

Also: More ads!
Among the locations: Six subway stations. (Photo:

You missed the train; time to watch some Aereo! (Photo:

Good to know the MTA is putting the increased cost of our metro cards to good use: Fast Company reports that several stations are getting a high-tech new amenity. The agency has hired a design firm, Control Group, to design and install 90 touchscreen map kiosks across the subway system, starting later this year.

Just like with the subway pole, however, it’s a bring-your-own-Purel situation.

To use the kiosks, you’ll simply click on your destination and point of origin then abracadabra, your route will appear. Not only will this leave many more maps for NYU freshmen looking to decorate their dorms, the touchscreens will also keep riders updated on delays. No longer will you have to interpret announcements that sound like, “The [mumble mumble] train isn’t running; for alternatives, please take the [mumble mumble].”

Best of all: Each kiosk will produce a little halo of Wifi. Finally a way to watch Netflix while you wait for that 2 a.m. N train! (Maybe keep your eyes peeled for would-be muggers, though.)

These machines are also yet another chance for the MTA to make a buck off of ads, of course. Then again, the agency needs some sort of revenue stream for their upkeep, since everything underground is apparently treated as a urinal.

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