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‘Don’t Come Knocking If the Jury Room is Rockin': Judge Resigns After Allegedly Sending Sexy IMs During Court

U r out of order.


Court proceedings can be excessively boring; not every hearing can be like an episode of Judge Judy. But if you’re the judge, you’re KINDA being paid to pay attention–and you’re certainly not being paid to IM your wife that plaintiffs are “acting crazy.”

The ABA Journal reports that a New Mexico judge has resigned after admitting he sent “excessive and improper” IMs to his wife, also a court employee, during work. Judge Eugenio Mathis admitted he used the court’s Internet to send IMs to his wife that including shit talking other judges and “judicial statements” about cases that hadn’t been settled. SMH.

The New Mexico Judicial Studies Committee also alleges that Judge Mathis sent sexually explicit IMs to his wife during court time, including one that said, “Don’t come knocking if the jury room is rockin.” Judge got jokes!

The truly shocking thing? A scandal that involves a man sexting HIS WIFE.

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