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Brooklyn Couple Is Shocked Subletter Filmed a ‘Raunchy Internet Reality Show’ In Their ‘Vice Hamptons Crib’

Where’s our invite? Rude.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 12.25.41 PMA Brooklyn couple just learned the hard way to always Google potential subletters after their East Hampton home was transformed into a studio for a “raunchy Internet reality show,” reports the New York Daily News.

According to a complaint filed in Long Island Federal Court, Scott and Susan Silverman were apparently shocked to find their home described online as the “Vice Hamptons Crib,” which sounds like a terrible SXSW party, if you ask us. The show being filmed there was called “pArty of 5,” and featured scantily-clad hot people doing hot things while drunk. So The Real World: East Hampton, basically?

The Silvermans are suing the shows producers, claiming that Joshua Blackman, the “Vice Energy LLC” businessman who rented their home, never disclosed that he wanted to turn it into the backdrop for a bacchanalia. Meanwhile, a man named Philip Dade applied to the Town of East Hampton for a “mass gathering” at their home. But the cleanup required more than the small barbecue Mr. Dade described on the permit:

 “A very expensive couch has to be replaced, because, despite the Silvermans best effort to clean it, there were sperm stains that could not be removed,” according to the complaint filed in Long Island Federal Court.

The complaint seeks unspecified monetary damages, including $20,000 in repairs, and alleges that “the Silvermans are now viewed by the members of the community as running a house of ill repute.”

Sounds like a bad case of FOMO for not being invited to a party at their own house.

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