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Been Caught Sexting: Hearst Exec Resigns After Extortion Attempts From a Stripper

The former Friendster CEO has a risqué vocabulary.
scottsassa03 Been Caught Sexting: Hearst Exec Resigns After Extortion Attempts From a Stripper

Mr. Sassa (Photo: Wikimedia)

Our prediction for employment trends of 2013? A “no sexting” clause in your contract.

The New York Post reports that Scott Sassa, a top executive at Hearst, has been forced to resign after a Los Angeles-based stripper forwarded he sexts he sent her to Hearst’s “very conservative top brass.”

Mr. Sassa is a veteran of the tech and media industries. He served a short stint as the CEO of Friendster, acted as CEO in residence for Kleiner Perkins, and was the CEO and cofounder of Uber (no, not that Uber), before becoming president of Hearst’s entertainment and syndication group, which manages interests in ESPN and Lifetime, among others.

According to Page Six:

“She was texting him sexy pictures, and he was responding using words you absolutely would not want your bosses to see,” a source said, adding, “He was also communicating with many other girls in New York, and wrote crazy things to them.”

The stripper’s boyfriend (just to up the tawdry factor) helped her alleged extortion attempts of Mr. Sassa, a single dad. Not to worry though, all this unprofessional behavior will earn him a “large compensation package for him to go away for a long time.”

As a source told Page Six:

“Hearst prides itself on being a very ethical, clean-cut company. William Randolph Hearst must be rolling over in his grave.”

Pretty hazy memory of Mr. Hearst’s exploits at home and at the office, huh?

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