What Does it Take to Get Kicked Off an Elite, Invite-Only Social Network?

Tsk, tsk, decorum is dead.
Sure it is, once you ban a bunch of people! (Photo: flickr.com/banoootah_qtr)

Sure it is, once you ban a bunch of people! (Photo: flickr.com/banoootah_qtr)

Sounds like someone’s been fouling the waters over at the tiny pond that is aSmallWorld. (Perhaps you remember the mid-aughts-era VIPs-only social network from its heyday as a Gawker punchline?)

The site reportedly stopped accepting new members earlier this month, and now a tipster has forwarded us an email announcing a purge of the site’s membership rolls:

“Trust is important to us. How important? Well, as part of our ongoing efforts to protect the integrity of our membership, we have decided to terminate the accounts of anyone who undermines the unique spirit of openness that serves as the cornerstone of ASW—and sets our community apart.”

Well, pop my monocle! Sounds like perhaps the digital bouncers weren’t doing a sufficient job of keeping out the riff-raff, or maybe there was a screen-capping interloper sharing secrets. And what’s the point of a private social network if you can’t let it all hang out?

“The reality is simply that our growth has inadvertently allowed certain members to degrade this trust, and those are the people we’re exiling, effective immediately.”

We can only imagine what it’s like for those exiles, stumbling into the wilds of an online world where you can be @replied willy-nilly at any time, for any reason. Wait until someone tells them about subtweeting.

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