Anonymous Person Who’s Totally Not a BlackBerry Shareholder Buys 1M BlackBerries

"It'll make a GREAT holiday gift!"
(Photo: Ubergizmo)

(Photo: Ubergizmo)

An anonymous person who definitely has no vested interest whatsoever in the success of BlackBerry has purchased 1 million BlackBerries just because he’s really super into the device, okay?

DVice reports that the anonymous person swooped in and bought 1,000,000 of BlackBerry’s newest gadget, the Z10. Perhaps he will melt them down and build himself a dwelling made of toxic metals and Canadian tears. Perhaps he will spend the rest of his life giving away old BlackBerries as presents. (“Ughhhh, Uncle Mike gave me another Z10 for Christmas.”)¬†Or perhaps he will store them in a spare closet in his office at BlackBerry.

At this point we’re thinking this could totally be written off as a charitable donation.

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