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Rumor Roundup: When Is Alexis Ohanian Gonna Run for Office Already?

Hello my last name is Morin, and I like to do drarwings!
bm Rumor Roundup: When Is Alexis Ohanian Gonna Run for Office Already?

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Your Name Here A Silicon Valley source had the pleasure of dining near Path cofounder Dave Morin and his wife, founder Brit Morin recently. Mr. Morin spoke about the future of Path while Ms. Morin, a DIY enthusiast, used crayons provide by the restaurant to doodle on the paper table cloth, said the source. There were rainbows, flowers and balloons, but our favorite was a drawing of the logo, with “Morin” written underneath and an arrow pointed towards Ms. Morin (just in case the restaurant staff didn’t recognize her). That’s one way to disrupt advertising, we suppose. Our tipster was kind enough to snap a pic on their way out.

Happy Internet, Mr. President Twice this week in conversation with tech types, Betabeat was asked when Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian was running for office already. The 29-year-old credited with helping to defeat SOPA/PIPA already toured the country (in a bus once leased for John McCain’s  “Straight Talk Express”) running for president of the Internet. But with Sheryl Sandberg hot on his heels, isn’t it time to start campaigning for the real thing?

Last we heard, Mr. Ohanian was rumored to be launching his own startup reality show on MTV. However, he was recently spotted handing out awards on behalf of Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, who likes to call himself “the House GOP’s chief watchdog.”

We’ve reached out to Mr. Ohanian comment, but perhaps this lulzy tweet is response enough:

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 4.10.54 PM

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Here’s Looking At You, Kid Warby Parker celebrated its third birthday last night. And what better way to mark a $41.5 million funding round and potential Google Glass partnership than champagne at Grand Central Terminal. Ain’t startup life grand?

Duly Noted We’re starting to wonder how the geniuses at Rap Genius get any work done. The beef-starting startup promptly uploaded Andrew Mason’s farewell letter and started annotating. A sampling of the notes: “Seems like Andrew has too much swag for a public company, they need to find more of a “boring loser” type…” Can’t imagine why this team would be so ready to defend “swag.”

VC Ben Horowitz also chimed in with a more sedate contribution, saying, “Andrew does the stand up thing and claims accountability. Make no mistake though—although he’s the only one accountable, he’s certainly not the only one responsible for all the things that went wrong.” Wait, was that a dig at Eric Lefkofsky?

No Micky D’s Please Worth noting: Gross slideshows about how McDonald’s terrible blunders of yore perform far better, numbers-wise, than flattering slideshows about a company-funded visit to HQ.


Star Power Hey, what’d you do for the Oscars? Presumably you went over to a friend’s house and had a couple of beers and fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence, like most of America. Well, AllThingsD grand dame and Vanity Fair contributor Kara Swisher was there. Like, Hollywood there. NBD! She tweeted Sunday, “Weird Oscars, now onto the party,” complete with Insta. On another snap, she added, “Observation on first and only Hollywood party: Celebs are just like us (except prettier and more insecure).”

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Snacks You know what’s a really great diet, according to former Google employee Mike Dudas? Quitting Google to work somewhere else without that cafeteria. We’ve always heard free suckling pig goes straight to the hips.