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Rumor Roundup: Vine’s Launch Party at Marquee, Uber Reunites Snoop and Suge Knight

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Gallery gurl.

Yesterday night, Vine, the video-clip sharing app Twitter acquired back in October, held its launch party at Marquee. Yes, that Marquee. DJs spun above a lighted sign with the hashtag “#party,” and users obliged by Vine-ing the experience.

There was the meta-Vine of people Vine-ing at the Vine launch. And, because no one got the memo, an attempt to do the white man’s Harlem Shake. Although our favorite had to be a guest appearance from “Gallery Girl” Chantal Chadwick.

“I guess the interesting thing was that it wasn’t a tech-heavy crowd,” one guest told Betabeat. “This sounds strange to say, but it felt more like a cultural event, almost something you would have witnessed in pre-millennial NYC.” Hey, if the bubble fits.

As for Vine itself, by February 19 the app–which hung in the top 10 spot for the first week of its existence–had fallen to number 73 in the rankings of free apps, according to AppData. Maybe everyone needs to up their video game?

0222 snoop suge instagram 3 Rumor Roundup: Vines Launch Party at Marquee, Uber Reunites Snoop and Suge Knight

(Photo: Instagram via TMZ)

Snoop In Startupland According to TMZ, Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight buried the hatchet at AV Club in Los Angeles this week. And who should take credit for the amicable reunion but Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who was photographed in the VIP section along with Snoop, Mr. Knight, and venture capitalist and Uber advisor Shervin Pishevar.

Snoop, who’s palled around with Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg in the past, is slated to appear at SXSW Interactive next month to promote Leap Motion, a hand gesture controller. Hey Mike Judge, you may want to take a gander at our reporter’s notebook.

Type-uhoh Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co. and wife to Path founder Dave Morin, might have run into a little autocorrect problem. “Catch this week’s BritList for your daily dose of dishonesty,” she tweeted last week.

Dishonesty? Either that’s a typo, or Ms. Morin had some sort of come-to-Jesus moment about the real truth behind the perilous world of crafting.

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

Trivial Pursuit Techstars’ former managing director, Dave Tisch, may have recently left the incubator, but that doesn’t mean he’s resting on his laurels. Mr. Tisch Instagrammed a slightly humblebraggy photo showing some spoils from a recent trip to Dave & Busters. “Successful evening dominating trivia,” he captioned the photo, which showed hundreds of arcade tickets flowing out of paper cups. The real question is what he brought with those tickets. Our bet’s on the 2006-era iPod.

(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram)

Caught with his pants down New York Times technology writer Nick Bilton is really, really excited for both Google Glass and Apple’s rumored iWatch. Like, so excited he doesn’t even give a f*ck about pants. Can’t say he’s not dedicated to his craft.

FacePlace Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In hits bookstores in March, and feedback is already trickling out. One reviewer? Mark Zuckerberg, who popped into a Facebook conversation and said, “I think ‘radically realistic’ is a very good description of what you write in this book.” We can’t say we’re entirely surprised “work harder” as a solution to gender inequality would appeal to a workaholic kid billionaire.

Who needs Zuck’s support when you’ve got Ms. Sandberg’s infinite self-confidence, though? She recently appeared in the documentary Makers saying, “I always thought I would run a social movement.” Well all righty then!

(Update, 2/26/12) Turns out, there’s a little more context to that line about running a social movement, beyond what the New York Times quoted Ms. Sandberg as saying. The Grey Lady has issued a correction:

In a video excerpt, which accompanied the article online, she said: “I always thought I would run a social movement, which meant basically work at a nonprofit. I never thought I’d work in the corporate sector.” She did not merely say, “I always thought I would run a social movement.”

Robot rock Who can resist a little hashtag trolling?

Baby, baby, baby A social media mystery to ponder, from Twitter biz dev VP Jana Messerschmidt: “Photos of babies on Facebook annoy me, while Vines of babies make my day. Why is this?” We’re going to guess it’s the cooing noises.