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Union Square Subway Station Ad Achieves Peak Internet

"I know—we'll reference REDDIT."
(Photo: IMGUR)

(Photo: IMGUR)

A billboard in the Union Square station is kind of like the Inception of Internet references, collecting every advertiser’s notion of what is cool/hip on the web and slapping it onto one delightful subway ad.

First, the ad is for Seamless, a website popular with hipsters and shut-ins and hipster shut-ins that delivers food straight to your door. Secondly, the ad references not only Reddit, but sub-reddits, which is like–whoadude. These ad guys “get” me.

Last but not least, it references Seamless users’ penchant for customized “special instructions” such as, “I smoked mad weed and I got a new video game so don’t break your balls getting here.” We’re pretty sure that’s a shout out to our post, The Most Glorious Special Instructions Customers Have Requested on Seamless. (Maybe not, but we’ll take it!)

The only thing that could make this more acceptably Internetty is it was a GIF. Maybe better to save that for the Bedford L stop.

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