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Big Mac-Loving Hackers Strike Again, This Time They Got @Jeep [UPDATED]



For the love of Christ, will you social media gurus please learn to change your passwords once in a while? A scant 24 hours after someone hijacked Burger King’s Twitter account and began pumping out pro-McDonald’s sentiment, it appears Jeep’s verified account has now been compromised.

The account’s about page now reads: “The official Twitter handle for the Jeep® — Just Empty Every Pocket, Sold To Cadillac =[ #OpMadCow #OpWhopper.” The avatar is now a Cadillac logo, and the  background picture is now a low-rider with a McDonald’s paint job. Jeep is now tweeting things like, “You’ll never catch @50cent ridin in a Dirty Ass @Jeep !!!!#ForDaLuLz #FreeJeep.”

It looks like it’s the same perpetrators as yesterday and pretty much just a total rerun. This, for example, is an awfully similar joke to what we saw yesterday with Burger King:

We can’t wait for Elon Musk to connect this back to the New York Times.

(Update: 3:08 p.m.) Gizmodo suggests the guilty party is a DJ from New England (ain’t it always?) named Tony Cunha, a.k.a. iThug. Hey, while we’re dispensing digital survival tips, here’s some advice for all you hackers out there: Don’t start bragging about your exploits to cute girls on Facebook.

iThug followed up on one of those Twitter shoutouts by bragging to a girl (and pal from the Boston music scene) in question with his real-life Facebook account (deleted immediately after @Jeep was taken over, mind you). Using his real life name. He just had to show off (this post has also been deleted post-Jeep).

(Update: 3:18 p.m.) Okay, now this is just getting goddamn ridiculous: There’s a possibility the MTV and BET accounts have now been hacked, as well. One minute MTV was tweeting about sideboob at the Spring Breakers premiere; the next it was “ON A SCALE OF 1 TO RATCHET, HOW MUCH BETTER ARE THE @BET AWARDS THAN THE VMAS???” BET just has an MTV avatar and “this is a takeover!!!” on the about page.

How many brand accounts have to get hacked before we actually get two-factor authentication?

However, there’s another, more excruciatingly stupid possibility, which is that this could all be some big Viacom viral marketing scheme, in which case fuck you, Viacom. Reuters’ Matthew Keys points out that an MTV employee tweeted “Everyone watch @MTV right now… ” right before the takeover.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment and will update if we hear anything back.

(Update: 3:55 p.m.) MTV has now owned up to its attempt to bullshit the Internet:

As this Betabeat reporter’s mama is fond of saying: It’s not funny and it’s not cute, guys. It’s also a hell of a note that hacked brand accounts are now common enough they’re treated as their very own viral marketing opportunity.

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