Sweet Treat

Treat Yourself: Get a Gummy Bear Modeled After You

So romantic.
(Photo: FabCafe)

(Photo: FabCafe)

Japan continues to be the world provider of magnificent oddities such as odor-eliminating underwear and a face for your face. Candy lovers, narcissists and candy loving narcissists will delight in the newest Japanese invention: a life size gummy bear of you.

Shortlist reports that a Japanese bistro called FabCafe will do a 3D scan of a customer’s body, then use a mould to create a gummy bear that looks just like them. It all costs 6,000 yen, or about $65, which isn’t too bad considering the horrifying face for your face will set you back $3k.

The promotion comes just in time for Japan’s White Day, which is like a Valentine’s Day do-over. Because nothing says “I love you” like a creepy gummy replica of your significant other.

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