Oh Snap

Snapchat CEO Warns Ads May Soon Interrupt Your Sexts

Also, he thinks you should probably stop sending "inappropriate photos."
(Photo: Digital Trends)

(Photo: Digital Trends)

This is just your regularly scheduled friendly reminder that every free service you love will eventually by deluged with ads. Today, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel stopped by CNBC, an appearance that no doubt means many teens across America will soon be receiving a flurry of unwanted messages from their parents.

Guess what Mr. Spiegel is, like, totally psyched about these days? Advertising. Aren’t you excited about advertising? Everybody loves advertising:

“There’s a couple of things we are really excited about right now. There are a lot of businesses experimenting with SnapChat,” Spiegel said. “What I’m really excited about is this really awesome new ad format we’ve been experimenting with. We think it’s really engaging. We think when ads are done right, they can be informative and delightful and we are really excited about that.”

Brands are already playing on the service, in fact: Last month, ubiquitous froyo franchise 16 Handles did a promotion where the company’s Facebook fans were encouraged to Snapchat the company pictures of their purchases in order to receive a coupon. Hey, anything’s worth trying when you’re selling frozen yogurt in January.

What Mr. Siegel does not want you doing, however, is Snapchatting anything too sexy:

“SnapChat is not a great way to send inappropriate content because any photo that I send to you can be saved by taking a screenshot or by taking a photo with another camera. So it’s not a great way to send inappropriate photos,” he said.

“Funny, interesting embarrassing photos” only, kids. Keep it clean.

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