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Meeting of the Minds: Zuck Asks Sergey Brin How He Can Wear Glass ‘Without Looking Awkward’

Maintaining eye contact is probably going to take some practice.
Gotcha! (Photo: In the Capital)

This is the face of excitement. (Photo: In the Capital)

It seems that yesterday’s press conference for the launch of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences was an occasion for more than just reporter annoyance at waiting on tardy billionairesForbes reports that once the press conference was over, Zuck sidled up to Sergey and asked for a look-see at Glass. “I can’t wait to get my own,” he told Mr. Brin.

Mr. Zuckerberg then took Mr. Brin’s very own specs for a test drive, asking questions all the while:

“How do you look out from this with out looking awkward?” asked the black hoodie-wearing Facebook CEO. “You know, how are you supposed to use these this without breaking eye contact?”

That is the question, Mark.

It seems despite the debut of Graph Search and the never-ending bloody battle for engineering talent, relations between Facebook and Google are just fine. There’s apparently already a team of Facebook developers waiting to get their hot little hands on a prototype so they can start building. And Zuck’s open to suggestions: “Is there anything specific you want us to be trying? If so, I want to be doing that,” he told Mr. Brin.

Naturally, onlookers began snapping pics of this impromptu nerd summit, inspiring an awkward moment for the man most responsible for your having to untag all those hideously embarrassing photos. According to Forbes:

Despite being the CEO of a social network of more than a billion individuals who share pictures and status updates every second, he asked that the handful of observers only take private photos of him and Brin.

“Wait , this isn’t supposed to be a thing,” he laughed nervously.

How is Zuck even going to venture outside of his house if Google Glass is ever widely adopted and everyone has cameras right on their faces? He’ll have to chill out or turn into Howard Hughes.

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