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PSA: Don’t Walk Across an Icy Central Park Pond Just to Take Instagrams

Just a lil' advice.
(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

Look, we get it: New York is the greatest city in the world and you didn’t spend tons of money traveling here to not take pictures of it. We know Central Park is one of the top tourist spots to snap some sweet tall trees/tall buildings pics, but there’s a limit, okay? And that limit is definitely wading out onto some thin ice just to take a good Instagram.

Sure, a snow-covered pond looks like it’s frozen enough, but even gangly tweens could put enough pressure on that ice to snap it. NBC reports that two teenagers were rescued from Central Park Pond today after falling through the ice while taking pictures. The boys survived with minor injuries, as did the firefighter who waded in to rescue them. But will they survive the scolding of their angry and embarrassed parents?

Best vacation ever!

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